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you have entered a JSR-286 portal with choice of a multitude of applications like RSS applications, information pages etc. Get them from the list and try them out.

This portal is powered by the free LIFERAY 7 CE (Community Edition). There exists also an enterprise edition adapted to the requirements of big organizations. It is named LIFERAY 7 DXP (Digital Experience Platform).

Please login and register as a new user in order to be able to add or remove portlets and place them as you wish. All changes you make will be stored under your name. It is all free. Enjoy this web site.

I am a Senior Java Software Engineer working as a freelancer in selected customer projects where I can contribute to their success with my professional knowledge, experience and skills.

Kind regards, Riccardo Berla

Horizontal Portals


JSR-286 Portals

JSR-286 is the current standard for Portals- and Portlets-Software.

Portals integrate a variety of different applications in the form of portlets in a common container called portal.

The obvious advantages are a common user interface for different applications. Then we can have common data for different applications. The applications are a set of useful services offered to customer users. A portal can intensify the collaboration between you and your customers by enhancing your services to them.

Portals offer a unique possibility to your customer user to personalize the interface by selecting and positioning freely the applications (as portlets) he needs on public and personal pages.

Reference Projects

Project References

Here is a selection of our projects recently accomplished and currently at work

Project   Solution   Instruments
eCommerce, multiple eStores   eStores for a multitude of countries of different group companies with their own visual identity in the high-tech devices industry. The checkout process includes an extensive product configurator. Master product data and prices in different currencies are imported from SAP. Web orders are handed over to SAP, where they go into production. A large set of web-services are provided the customers where they can check production- and delivery-states, check warranties, print documents and other services.   Hybris, Java, Spring, SVN, AEM, MS Servers, MSSQL, Ping Federate, Zeus, Dynatrace, CI w. Bamboo, Wiki, Jira
Portal Solution   Portal 2.0 solution based on JSR-286 Standard.   Liferay 7.0, Java, JSP, Tomcat, MySQL, JAXB
Web Site   Web Site for a services company.   Java, JSP, Tomcat, MySQL, JAXB
BPMN 2.0 Solution   Exploring Business Process Management 2.0 solution for an insurance company.   Camunda, Java, JSP, Tomcat, MySQL
Construction Site Management   Intranet application to manage data of projects, companies and professionals in order to support the management of human resources for the duration of a construction project and auto-produces personalized ready-to-send letter-documents like work-confirmations, requests for visa, travel-authorization, medical tests and other.   Java, JSP, Spring MVC, Tomcat, MySQL, JAXB, iText, Apache POI

Skills Reference


Here is an actual list of used skills and competences

Area   Skills, Competences, Techniques
Programming Languages   Java SE/JEE/ME/3D, Javascript, Visual Basic, VBA, PERL
Operating Systems   Windows, Windows Server 2003/2012, Unix, Linux, AIX
Database Systems   MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MS Access
Techniques   JSP, Servlets, Applets, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JAX-WS/-RS, REST, AJAX, CORBA, SOAP, WSDL, JPA, Hibernate
Application Frameworks   Hybris, Spring, Spring MVC, Liferay 7.x, iText, POI, Camunda (BPMN 2.0), Activity, AEM, Talend (ETL)
Javascript Frameworks   JQuery, three.js (3D), d3.js (Graphs), joint.js(Diagrams)
IDE   Eclipse, IntelliJ
Tools   Docker, Git, Jenkins, Gerrit, CI Bamboo, Wiki, Jira, Kanban, Ant, Maven, Gradle, CVS, SVN, OSGI, Felix, Blade

Language Selector

Reference Customers

Customer References

Here is a selection of our customers

  • ABB, Baden
  • ABN AMRO Bank, Zürich
  • Bank Leumi, Zürich
  • Born Informatik AG, Bern
  • Bundesverwaltung EDA, Bern
  • Ciba Spezialitätenchemie, Basel
  • Credit Suisse, Zürich
  • Hertz, Zürich
  • Maag Pumpen, Zürich
  • Novartis, Basel
  • PayNet, Zürich
  • Prime Line AG, Zürich
  • Reuters (Schweiz) AG, Zürich
  • Sonova AG, Stäfa
  • Swiss Casinos Management, Zürich
  • Systor AG, Zürich
  • Telekurs AG, Zürich
  • UBS AG, Zürich
  • V-ZUG, Zug

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